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If you're in a hurry, just click away below,
but t
o achieve the best results,
Web Searching Tips first.

Through this portal you should have
best chance of using the Web
to find what you are looking for.

Meta-Search Engines
  IX Quick   Zoo
These send your query simultaneously to
many different major search engines like
 Ask   Yahoo   Lycos, etc.

These meta engines give the
most relevant results
according to major US publications.

Each "popular" search engine only finds
a small percentage of Web sites, 
the best can only index about 33%
of all the Web's pages, but when run
together with other engines,
they provide results from many more sites.

Elusive information can often
be found quickly with these tools.

Popular Individual Engines 

Google is the best on the web.

These are other popular search engines:

About   Dogpile
Bing Search
Engine Colossus
Lycos Yahoo

Good Gopher
Good Gopher is relatively new &
searches alternative/independent news sources

If you still can't find what you are looking for,
it probably is not out on the web,
or is not indexed by any search engine yet.

But, don't give up until you've tried as
many engines as possible,
especially the meta-search engines.

Here are other types of
search engines/data sources
you may find useful.

People Search Engines
If you have caller-ID, you can find out
who's calling you along with
their addresses & 
maps to their homes/businesses.
Reverse Phone Number Look Up

Try these other people search engines.
  Whitepages  Zabasearch  Find People

Customer Service
If you need to contact a company for help
and have difficulty getting through
 to them, these sites should help you.

Contact Help
Customer Service Numbers

Credit Rating Agencies
Here are links to help you contact
the three major credit rating agencies to apply
credit/security freezes to protect your identity.
Transunion   Equifax   Experian

Free Annual Credit Reports
(Official - No Charge)

Find locations all over the world
then zoom in & out on them.

Meta-Search of over 1,000
Dictionaries Worldwide

This speaks for itself.

Free Encyclopedia
Remember when we (or our parents)
paid big bucks
for encyclopedia books?
Well, the Web has produced
free versions now.
And you can search through these, too.


The Electric Library Encyclopedia

In case you never realized it,
encyclopedia contain
our entire human experience &
what we've achieved to date.


Autos, Autos, Autos

Typically, car shoppers will go to Carfax, VinAudit, Autocheck, etc.
  where they’ll input the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
 & pay up to $40 for a car's history.
Now there's a free service, VehicleHistory

It provides a prior history report &
 gives speedometer accuracy info,
prior ownership, accident reports.
Very Helpful!

These provide links to sites that provide
"book values"
for New and Used Cars

These are more places where you can find
new and used cars for sale or sell your car.

This provides vehicle recall data & Govt safety issues
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Here's Car Advice from those two brothers,
"Click & Clack," heard on the radio.
Car Talk

All Sorts of Auto Info for buying, selling
leasing, repairing along with quotes & rebates

Car Info


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